History Log

this website was created in the may 4th 2022, at the time i had been working on other projects aswell. my main inspiration are old blogs and another website on here, dokodemo, which remains one of my favourites!

i created this website because i struggle with my self identity, i am an teenager exploring the many layers of myself. another reason for the creation of my website is because i have always enjoyed art and its many forms! my website was originally supposed to be an all-art website for a mascot i designed some time back, Purin/Pankeki. I made this site to explore and to develop this special interest, which is,of course, coding. and ever since i started making websites, it's been my favourite thing to do!

i'm happy with how my website is turning out! exploring editting images,coding, and digital art, and it's been a long creative journey for me!

4/5/22 ★

The Layout Archive

welcome to my layout archive! here you will be seeing the evolution of purinland, my personal blog. if you're interested to know how my site started out, incase you wanna start your own and you have no idea where to start, then feel free to read the history log! ( •̀ ω •́ )y

information will also be put beneath each layout, so you can understand my thought process through each new layout. if available, i will also be putting a link where you can experience that layout yourself! i hope you dont die from cringiness.

this is the only screenshot i have but this was my first attempt at a website. honestly, a rip off dokodemo's site but i'm glad i grew on from my mistkaes and decided to be more original with my layouts! Originally, I was not going to include layouts from my other projects. but i'd like to share my first first layouts, from Yawnguro, my first website! when i made this it was supposed to be based around jfashion and nothing more! although i loved j-fashion and still do, it's not a huge interest of mine and it was pointless making a website based around something i wasn't entirely fond of.
First purinland layout,i drew everything, i like it, the color palette is nice, but i used it for like a day and then deleted it!main reason of this is how i literally couldnt add any graphics from the web because they looked out of place ( the scrict colour palette is mostly why. ) also in my brain some layouts have personalities and some don't, this one is one of them. its bland. there are 3 colors to it and thats it, which is why it looks way too simple for me, it didnt really scream to me and it wasn't entirely what i wanted either!
2nd purinland layout! this was another one of my attempts at drawing an entire layout. while i loved it and the colour palette, it was again, too strict and not diverse, and then again, i couldn;t add any graphics online and i had to draw them myself (ads, whatever, you name it) which got annoying so i decided to scrap it.. again.
After my 2nd layout i took a break, im not sure how long it was, but i didnt update for around a few weeks? it wasn't a huge break anyways, but i came back with a new and updated homepage! this time i decided to stop with the "all drawn by me" layouts and just use graphics online. because drawing all of it was super time consuming and tiring! and being stressed out while working on this website isn't one of the website's ideas. it's supposed to be comforting, so i left that idea in the past! ; anyways, i used this layout for a while then came back with the same layout but different pictures.

also, i must mention that before this layout i had another one which was practically the same thing but with really bad and messy coding that it was broken. cvrsed gave me a code which i used to guide myself into making an cleaner layout!
This is my last layout! I liked this renewal but it didn't feel like a 00's blog at all, it felt tumblr-ish and that's the main thing i disliked. though,i only meant to keep it for the summer tbh!

finished? return now!