- cutest sanrio character
-loves pudding
-is adorable

i genuinely love pompom sm . he's so cute like look at his ears his color palette his lil barette USFGSDFG HES JUST SO PERFECT AND I LOB HIM SO MUCH UGH
always been my favourite character and always will be

did you know? - The word purin in my site's name is from pompompurin! It means pudding!

he enjoys collecting shoes! - especially his dad leather shoes and moms sandals! i find that rlly cute ^_^
His birthday is on 16th april, meaning he's an aries!

he debuted in the 1996 July issue of Strawberry News with his original name being My Pudding, but it got changed later on to his current name!
He loves sleeping (same pompom,same) and drinking milk and eating cream caramel pudding that his mother makes him!
He's a friendly, soft golden retrieves who can make friends easily! how can u not like this guy? he's the sweetest little pup ever!!! ~o( =∩ω∩= )m