Terms Of Use

Before clicking on any tags for materials, please read the following terms of use.

I do not own most of these graphics. As stated above, I only own those under the category 'mine'.
If you use a handful of these, please link back!! These take, if not, literal hours to collect. posting a link back will show me that you appreciate and respect my collection!
If you use templates, pixels, cursors, etc that i have designed on my own then a visible link back will be necesssary.
Please don't use for commercial use any of the graphics here, as most of the websites I resource from DO NOT allow it!

Also, I would like to request that graphics on my site, outside this little box, to not be taken! Like i've stated, it takes hours and hours to find each unique graphic, and just stealing them off my site will make me very sad :(

I also edit a lot of the pictures on my site, add tiny details and I will know if you take them from here.
So, if you respect the web master and my site, you will refrain from taking them! Thank you ~(>_ -。)\
*if you have any questions on how I find my graphics, don't hesitate to ask, or request anything new. I'll do my best to help! o((x ω x ))o *
I understand and wish to proceed! Brind me thoz graphics! >:3