Manga collection!

welcome to my manga collection ig! here you will find my owned mangas and an introduction on them!!
P.S i am so shitty at explaining books or plots or anything really. ill try my best but beware its not gonna be perfect! i might just copy and paste fragments from the books intros online lool

Sailor Moon Short Stories

okay i'm so sorry for the low quality lol! but anyways these are the sailor moon short stories.
In this first of two collections of short stories, we find our favorite Sailor Guardians and their friends encountering new mysteries, enemies, allies, and once more saving the day.
I really enjoyed the read! i currently only have 2 of them, the ones in the picture, but i'd definitely buy more when i get the chance to.
it was super cute and simple, the artstyle is literally
beautiful, i fell in love with the characters aswell!
its a quick read and i definitely reccomend this!

Junji Ito

moving on, my absolutely favourite mangas are junji ito's creations! his creations are quite literally amazing, and the stories are also realy scary
and intriguing. i could read Shiver 100 times and it'd still get me excited! these stories are very entertaining, and fantastic.
junji ito's mind is so admirable. i loved the art,the storytelling and characters from each story. i'd buy them again anytime.
I currently have Shiver,Uzumaki and Tomie! My favourite is probably Uzumaki! I loved chapter 3, the scar. it was really nice.
I recommend buying, literally any junji ito manga!! theyre lovely and worth it!!