Celine's guide on J-Fashion! - Lolita

published : 8/9/22

For as long as I can remember, japanese fashion has always intrigued me. Whether its the adorable bows, stockings, dresses, or hairclips, jfashion has always sticked with me. They're the kind of styles that make your jaw drop everytime you see them on the street, or just at home, on the internet.

That's why I'm making this blog post! To teach more people about the interesting, and unique fashion Japan puts a lot of care into.

Lolita Fashion

Starting off cute with lolita fashion! this is one of the more recognized styles in the community.An important part of understanding how to dress in lolita,where to look and how to accessorize is knowing what an lolita outfit consist of.

There is a lot of variety and uniqueness put into each outfit, although the basic components of an lolita outfit can be :

Head Pieces

Lolitas usually place all kinds of head decorations, Such as bows, corsage, hair clips,barretes,bonnets onto their head!

The more popular choice are mostly bows and bonnets,though. Slapping on one of them to your outfits adds more thought and yet another layer of cuteness to your outifts.


The dress, in my opinion,is one of the most eye-catching part of the outfits (obviously), this is an important step to understanding lolita fashion. One important feature to the lolita dresses are the poofy long skirts, lacy collars, and long sleeves.

Generally, lolita outfits feature a lot of lace. In my opinion the lace makes it look really sweet and classy! Lolita dresses can be very expensive, as a lot of thought and care has to be put into them to make them look the part.

Angelic Pretty has some of my favourite tops,skirts and accesories! If you're interested in shopping for a lolita dress, i totally reccomend taking a look at the amazing angelic pretty shop! It has a lot of variety and cuteness to them!


One of my favourite part in lolita is the accesorizing on each outfit. This is also an important step to having your ideal lolita attire.

You have a lot of options for this one, unlike the head pieces, which are mainly large bows or bonnets. A lolita uses a large amount of accesories, and various jewelrly to beaufity their outfits. These accesories can be : purses, wrist cuffs,lace
gloves, aprons, pins, mittens,corsage,parasols,ribbon bonnets, etc.
as for the jewelrly, what's popular among sweet lolitas are : heart shaped jewels,teddy bear jewels (earrings,etc),spades,bows, as for gothic lolitas withered roses, coffins, crosses,black thights, work just fine.


The signature shoe for footwear within lolitas are some simple mary jane shoes and flats will also do the trick. You can accesorize these with a pair of adorable lacy socks!

Other kinds of shoes that can work with lolita are Tea party shoes,laced boots, ballerina shoes, etc.

Finding your Lolita style

Finding your ideal lolita style to base your garments on isn't an easy task, as there are a handful of interesting and unique styles to choose from.

Sweet Lolita

Sweet Lolita is exactly what it says, a sweet and cutesy attire. Popular clothing choices for sweet lolitas are parasols,heart shaped purses, plushie bags, lacy wrist cuffs, lacy socks, and a more pink-ish clothing option.As for the hair

This style follows a more cute, child-like theme.Having lots of ruffles and pastel colors! If the sound of this is appealing to you, you might have just found your perfect style!

Gothic Lolita

Unlike sweet lolitas,gothic lolitas follow a more dark, and of course, gothic theme. Popular clothing choices for gothic lolitas are : coffins, bonnets, lacy gloves, ripped black thighs, collars, spike wrist cuffs and a more black-ish clothing choice.

If the sound of this is appealing to you, you might have just found your perfect style!

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