Hello!I'm Celine, Purinland is a personal website/blog, coded by the hands of a teenager looking to express themselves through art,color,graphics and numerous codes!
This is your typical silly website, where you can find cats,animanga,visual novels,horror media and fashion!

Psst!! Please note! I don't consent to taking materials off my site unless you're sure they're not made by me.I edit/draw some of them specifically for my use!! ъ(+゜Д゜)やっ

This website will be filled with stuff I like, shrines for my favourite visual novels, graphic pages,art pages, and lots of other pages you'd find on a regular blog.

PurinLand started out as an art and hobby project. Where I could share my artistic creation with the world! I designed the headers, logos, mascots,graphics, you name it! You can find early drafts over here! And I wanted to do something different for this website. It takes a lot drawing everything yourself, and whenever you try adding graphics that you didnt make on the website it starts looking out of place. Then it takes lots of time to make every single thing! That's why.. Purinland is reborn! This is the new homepage (^_−)☆


☆ 8/11/22 - somthing i drew on paint a while bck!! found it while diggin through my pc

To Do List

  • About Me Page
  • Graphics Page
  • Shrines Index
  • YTTD Shrine
  • Adoptable Page
  • Art Showcase
  • Page Archive

Update Log!

8/18/22 - Lots of changes, new site map, updated about me page,shrine index + pompompurin shrine, digital journal, a plushie room,art page is almost finished,a little game i made for fun,a manga collection page and some other small changes! check out the site map for a directory of every page on this site ^_^

8/7/22 - I have added an Web Blog and an Graphics page,i'm mostly excited to write for my new blog! o((>ω< ))o its currently empty in entries but i'll try to post one this week :D

8/3/22 - The layout is pretty much finished, i've added more to the bottom, the header is resized as it took up most of the screen,about me page is up,archive page is up(view on the navigation bar!) Happy with how it turned out!

8/2/22 - Revamped the bottom half of the website as it didnt rlly look how i wanted it to, theres more coming soon!

8/2/22 - New homepage!! I like how this looks sm. I tried a different theme and layoutting [?] for once and I really like what i did with it!I'm turning this into a personal blog more than an art project now, and I think I did a good job with it.
I have some more ideas I want on the homepage which ill be releasing soon enough!

Link Me!!

If you enjoyed the content displayed on this page, the graphics, colors, layoutting, anything that stuck with you, I would reccommend putting my somewhere on your site! of course, only if you wish so! though it would be really appreciated.

thank you!

anime grl graphic by 2myuu

Featured page is my about me page! im really enjoying the colour palette i used and graphics! finally a good introduction ig! im really liking how it came out!

Things to do while you're on my website!

  • Read my About Me page! Learn a thing or two about the mind of the webmaster!
  • Check out the Archived Page! Learn what Purinland looked like over time!