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To be honest i have no idea why you're even here, and why you'd want to see such atrocious layouts, but you do u so i wont bother asking.
well! since you're here, welcome. please prepare yourself though my old ones ESPECIALLY old ones are literally so ugly but anyways!

first layout!! gosh where do i even begin . lets start at the fact that it was completely broken and didnt work AT ALL on other browsers. was so embarassed when someone had to break it down.

no comment . im pretty sure some of it didnt even work properly because of the amount of pngs splashed everywhere

as simple and basic as this one is i still hold it dearly in my heart. first layout where i designed everything, also my biggest inspos, one of the first users to spark my interest in coding ( middle pot ) commented on my cbox and linked this site in their recommended so that makes me proud. if u wanna experience this one for urself its still up, here!

i have no idea if this was the next one or if there was anything before it but also, another layout where i drew everything, i like it, the color palette is nice, but i used it for like a day and then deleted it!main reason of this is how i literally couldnt add any graphics from the web because they looked out of place ( the scrict colour palette is mostly why. ) also in my brain some layouts have personalities and some don't, this one is one of them. its bland.

genuinely have nothing to say ab it, used it for some time but changed it because again, couldnt add the graphics i wanted from the web. i do still love this layout and its held dearly in my heart :'33

don't know why this is included anyways but i liked it when i made it so here it is! for a while i designed the same layout same mascot over and over again...
this was a test layout when my pc broke and i had to use my bad-working laptop with a shitty keyboard that barely worked to make it. mostly just a test to see how i can manage with it. never gonna update it again, never even touching the "mewodasu" account,cute layout and cute character design aswell but its hard to replicate so i eventually gave up! probably the first one to use iframes tho so thats cool
if you wanna experience it for yourself,its up here!

my last theme, still love it ^_^ click on the image to view it

this is most of my previous layouts!! hope u didnt cringe too much! click on the icons near the header to return.