my computer(wip)


an welcom to my personal space bubble ! ~
this is one of my various attempts at a kewl website on here, that will likely be scrapped in the future, so likewise i have other websites aswell.

This is a huge work in progress, i mainly wanted to sit here and thank the 18 users who've followed this web-corner of my interests, i made this today (5/6/22) and it shows me a lot of support, esp from more popular creators that I also look up to,like foxfable and allyrat! thank you so much! (>_<)

2022年5月7日 :: currently working on m creepy computar room !! @___@ it'll probably b just another art dump, or something too inconventional for my main site. BUT 4 NOW ENJOY THE WATAMOTE LYRICS THERE!

2022年5月7日 :: 21 followers, thank you all sm!! o(>< )o>

2022年5月6日 :: the layout is being created!!

feeling..The current mood of kurinshi1 at www.imood.com
currently thinking... ' i miss my cat'
currently working on... 'web layout'

useless info!!

this is the featured site.
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