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welcome to my introduction page, im not sure how to start so dont expect more than just meaningless walls of texts!
oh, and btw, don't reuse the graphics stored here. it takes a while to rescue them, yknow. thanks!!

the purpose of this page is just to be a page on the web.... thats kinda it!until i find an good enough idea for this page itll only be just a page...just a layout....

my name is celine, i'm (trying 2 b) an artist, and i enjoy web design and anime ! welcome to da page

expect random paragraphs about random stuff also!

i'm the builder of this little site! ☆⌒(*^-゜)v before anything i wanted to note that this entire website is an projection of my thoughts and imagination plastered on screen! so simply looking at the screen will already give you a head start to learning about me! so, that that's outta the way, let's start this so called introduction. I can say i'm either good, or bad at introducing myself. it's one or the other. honestly it depends how im feeling at a certain time.. because one day i'd say about myself that i'm bad with creativity, then the next i'd say i'm good at it, mostly when i just created something i'm proud of. like a sketch of an upcoming layout. then i'll try to work on it and find myself struggling !!!! then i'll go back to day one.

i'm usually a talkative person, I dislike that aspect of me because if i get a little too into the topic i'm talking about, i start to rant and rant and then i can't stop. Think of it as a tea date, you and the other engager/s in the conversation are pouring tea (information) into an teacup. they fill it normally, but you on the other hand, spill the tea everywhere!!!! thats basically what it feels like. if youre someone who rants a lot without being aware you probably know that feeling too.

was originally gonna make a seperate page for this, but i don't think thats necessary... anyways, my music taste is actually so different than my interests and pages aspect and stuff that im lowkey embarassed to list this here LOL
i'm a hardcore lana del rey listener. i love her music so much, i feel like i'm literally levitating when i listed to it!!! i listen to it especially while coding, it makes the experience all together so much more relaxing tbh! ive loved lana for a long while and i'll never stop ❤ my favourite songs are doin time,tv in black and white, west coast,dealer,prom song, lolita (demo 4 especially), diet mountain dew demo,dream girl, pretty when you cry, sad girl, art deco,venice bitch,put me in a movie and freak!! kinda ranting again but,, worth it for lana!! shes a goddess. i also listen to jpop and jrock but not as much as i used to a while back!!

some of my hobbies include coding, drawing, binging tv shows ( which are mainly horror and crime ) and just websurfing on neocities and tumblr!!
i use clip studio paint pro to draw and i'm having a lot of fun downloading brushes and trying out various artstyles with them! you can check out my art page if you want o((x ω x ))o

I also really enjoy journalling, as weird as that might be. i dont currently have an journal though, but i do have a large amount of journal from over the years. i had one a few months ago but i haven't been writting in it now! but maybe it's finally time to start again, who knows!!
i mainly write about regular teenage girl shit in it to be honest. like my crushes,school, tv shows and stuff. the kinds of things you'd find in a normal school grls journal ig!!

i also love plushies so much! i'm thinking of making an plushie room page where i can just make a room and plaster pngs of plushies from the internet that i like on there. it'd be a cute page to show my taste in colors, designs and stuff! my bed used to be full of plushies everywhere when i was younger, obviously, as i grew into adolescence, my room also changed and most of my plushies are in the attic. but likings dont pass that fast! i still like plushies and sleeping with them ^__^

my favourite animals are CATS!There's so much to love about cats! their cuddliness and softness, and their fluffy tails,big eyes and pointy ears!I have 5 cats as of right now, which i deeply love and connect with!! I feel generally happy around my cats!! Whenever they purr around me it makes my heart melt! ^___^ cat dislikers dont even talk to me yall r weird!! anyways, i feed strays whenever i get the chance to, usually in the morning! and i love making sweet cats happy and there's nothing to dislike about them..!!
i really enjoy j-fashion and just fashion in general. it makes me intrigued to look at unique fashion designs and attires! i have posted on my blog about J-fashion and even if i'm sorta a newbie to it i try my best to learn about it! my favourite styles are fairy kei, decora and v-kei ο(=•ω<=)ρ⌒☆
the colors ,especially in decora, make my brain happyy! thats why i love it sm @___@

the end!

WOAH! has someone actually reached the end? probably not! it's a lot of information that aren't important anyways, but if you did read it i hope you enjoyed it ig! it was pretty boring anyways, even more boring to write all this honestly! but idk, if you want to learn even more i suggest taking a look at the page contents and picking out a page you'd like to view. i promise i'll try not to make them as boring hehe!


did you know that cats are actually super cute? like if you dont like them why are you on my page. this website is cat approved. get out


The webmaster is feeling The current mood of ourachoco2 at www.imood.com! ill figure out what to put here

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